Nelnet’s diversification strategy

Upon launch of Nelnet’s new Code of Conduct, the COC task force wanted to keep the company’s Core Values front and center, and keep engaging associates with new content promoting a new Value each quarter.

One of the first Core Values we attacked as part of the sustaining campaign was “Pursue opportunities for diversification and growth.” This was my favorite project from the campaign, working closely with inspiring leaders from across the company, and a video producer and I put together a piece I’m quite proud of.

Role: Strategic collaboration with Chief Risk Officer, scripting/bullet points for exec talent, video direction

Strategy: The video leans heavily on a matrix graphic to clearly denote where each company discussed falls into Nelnet’s existing infrastructure and product offerings while taking advantage of available capital. The matrix uses categories of internal, external, education, non-education, and business opportunity size to map each out in a way that makes intuitive sense to associates internally.

Additional pieces to prove this CV included intranet articles, posters in collaboration with the creative team and existing CBT training modules.

Delivery: Sent to 3,200 associates via email, promoted on Nelnet intranet, and used in external social promotion

Watch the video below. Password is glennaparks. See also: intranet page promoting this Core Value / Code of Conduct initiative.

Diversification Video Page 2.1

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