Get Paid for Your Next Idea: Innovation Hub Shares How

My favorite thing about being in communications strategy is owning the piece from beginning to end, through client consultation to interview to draft to final approval and posting. This is the story of such a piece.

Nelnet’s innovation focus spawned a new department, which wasn’t exactly an LOB and didn’t quite fit in with an existing business segment either. The point of this new Innovation Hub was to serve as an incubator for new business ideas and drive the company’s diversification strategy.

Client: Nelnet’s Innovation Hub, a small internal four-wo/man shop responsible for evaluating, testing, and building out new business ideas.

Role: Client-facing writer/strategist

Strategy: The Hub wanted to introduce an open call for ideas. They wanted to make sure the ideas were well thought out and made the most of Nelnet’s existing infrastructure (call center, financial/lending network, technical capabilities, and existing relationships with K-12 and higher education institutions). In consulting with the client, I made sure we included why it was worth it to associates to give up their ideas – in addition to a cash incentive, they could be involved with the actual business when it was ready to launch. Also important was to give associates a quick-n-dirty of the Hub’s process of idea evaluation.

Delivery: Nelnet’s intranet, hosted on Sharepoint

Outcomes: The Hub got a smattering of new business ideas, some more appropriate than others. This influx created the need for a microsite on the intranet, updated monthly, which detailed ideas being pursued and where each potential new business was in the process.

See the full piece.

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