Make Time for Health

My brand of copywriting leans toward an analytical, evidence-sharing style. You challenge me to convince folks of something, and I’m likely to put numbers behind it. But nobody likes to be lectured, so the data highlighted in this video is tempered with a sense of humor (and a cameo by yours truly!).

Client: As part of their benefits package, Nelnet offers a platform that allows associate to earn HSA dollars by participating in wellness challenges throughout the year. The wellness initiative gained traction, and Nelnet saw an opportunity to create a new business offering corporate wellness programs – Total Well-Being.

Role: Copywriter

Strategy: Executives wanted to promote Nelnet’s wellness initiative at the annual all-company meeting, and in a twist of events, our creative concept brought it right back on them to star in the video. Nine executives from various business units and office locations agreed to show, rather than just talk about, leadership support for wellness.

Delivery: There are two versions of this video. The version linked below was used internally at Nelnet’s all-company meeting to promote a new wellness push. A truncated version was also used as a marketing tool for Total Well-Being.

Outcomes: Associates went nuts for this video at the all-company meeting, laughing as their business leaders strived to live up to their new ‘titles.’ The piece also encouraged participation in the wellness programs of TWB’s clients, as it was rebranded for each company served.

Read the video copy transcriptWatch the video on Vimeo or below. Password is glennaparks.

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