Code of Ethics and Conduct

One of the most impactful projects I’ve worked on is Nelnet’s Code of Conduct, a document on which I collaborated closely with the Chief Risk Officer for two years. When I was brought on the team, much of the discovery phase had been completed, and the CRO and I dove into content and organization.

Client: Nelnet Corporate

Role: Strategic collaboration with Chief Risk Officer, writer/editor

Strategy: The world of student loans, especially when serving as a contractor for the Department of Education, is highly regulated, and there were many specific regulations to dive into. My CRO of course came at this from a legalese slant, but considering most of our internal audience were entry-level employees working in the call center, I gave quite a bit of pushback on making these topics more approachable. We agreed to utilize Q&As and real-world scenarios throughout the document, and once we wrapped up the content, I worked closely with a graphic designer to ensure the Code included graphics and photos, was easy to navigate, and was as unintimidating as a document this meaty could be.

Delivery: In addition to the business having changed a great deal since the previous iteration of the Code a decade earlier, the CEO had been working on updated Core Values, which helped us organize and layout the new Code. The CEO announced the new Core Values at that year’s all-company meeting, and we launched the document with a Sharepoint microsite I built, video I directed, and intranet content, posters, etc.

For the next few quarters, we focused on a different Core Value. In my favorite project in this campaign, I got the chance to work closely with some inspiring leaders across the company to create a video on Nelnet’s diversification strategy. I interviewed execs from each of our business units, and a video producer and I put together a piece I’m very proud of.

Outcomes: As part of our launch, HR/Training released a short acknowledgement to each associate as a way to confirm they had received a read a one-pager summary of the Code, which featured the Core Values and 18 Guiding Principles. Because we released this acknowledgement in sync with the CEO’s announcement, we received 100% participation across Nelnet’s business locations and affiliates. The launch and diversification videos received hundreds of views, and the latter is also used in Nelnet’s onboarding and as an external marketing piece.

Read the document.


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