5 Steps to a Standout LinkedIn Profile

After struggling as an independent Nelnet affiliate company for nearly a decade, ResumeEdge was brought under the management of our internal agency’s Creative Director. To boost exposure, we launched a multi-channel campaign including an all-new website, social media, content marketing and a robust email campaign.

Client: ResumeEdge, a Nelnet company. ResumeEdge provides resume, cover letter, and LinkedIn profile writing services.

Role: Copywriter

Strategy: This piece promoted one of ResumeEdge’s add-on services: the LinkedIn profile. By walking users through what makes a great LinkedIn profile, we empower them to create their own while also promoting the paid service to those who prefer to have a professional do the dirty work.

Delivery: Distributed via email and social media.

Outcomes: The content marketing campaign including this piece helped ResumeEdge turn a profit for the first time in ten years.

See the infographic.


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