Financial Literacy Website

One of my first projects as copywriter while at Nelnet was researching, mapping out, and writing a new website centered on financial literacy and walking students and parents alike through the loan lifecycle. I distilled pages of research into relevant, relatable, SEO-driven content, which sparked an interest both in content organization and simplifying complex information for a widespread audience.

Client: Nelnet Diversified Services, the company’s student loan servicing branch

Role: Copywriter

Strategy: The Department of Education was making a huge change in how they handled student loans, drastically reducing the number of servicers. Nelnet had to quickly pivot from being merely a service provider to a strategic partner, so Communication Services went to task on an overall rebrand and centralization of voice/tone. We recreated from the inside out, completely revamping the account dashboards behind the login as well as SEO-driven content on the front-end.

Delivery: The site launched in 2011. We also launched new social media channels at that time, which promoted content from the site.

Outcomes: The site helped Nelnet secure an ongoing student loan servicing contract with the Department of Education.

Note: The samples below are representative of a larger body of content created for Images and website design are of a newer iteration of the site, but the copy is original.

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