Working at Nelnet Has Its Benefits

While serving as Nelnet’s corporate communications lead, I campaigned open enrollment for benefit years 2013, 2014, and 2015. The piece linked below is an example of an externally-facing recruiting brochure, which Communication Services revised each year with the latest benefits information and for updates in brand voice/tone.

Client: Nelnet People Services

Role: Client-facing campaign strategist and project manager, copywriter/editor, and Sharepoint microsite creator. Concept/headline mine.

Strategy: Each benefits enrollment campaign had a central creative concept/theme, which displayed on the long-form benefits-detail guidebook, posters highlighting key dates and promoting health screenings, webinar decks, and intranet banner ads. In prior years, intranet content for the campaign resembled a document repository. I knew there had to be a more engaging way to display such important information that every associate would need to access, so I restructured the microsite and brought in a designer to create sidebar ‘tabs’ to guide users through. I also made sure we talked to, rather than at, the employees, and used simple language and clear calls-to-action to break down this deadline-driven process.

Delivery: Microsite hosted on Sharepoint, announcements distributed via intranet and email newsletters, posters in breakrooms and other public spaces, and brochure as part of recruiting packet and featured on

See the brochure.


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