Praedicat Predicts the Future for Insurers: Here’s How

Risk Management Solutions, widely known in the insurance industry as offering the most comprehensive and most reliable catastrophe modeling platform, sees the value in investing in the space. RMS has a longstanding relationship with Praedicat, the world’s first ‘liability cat’ modeling solution, and announced a sizeable investment in the company in the spring of 2018.

Client: Praedicat, an RMS investment company

Role: Journalist

Strategy: In a complex industry like insurance, it’s impossible to simplify concepts too much. I made sure to avoid jargon and talk very plainly about what Praedicat does in the market. Rather than diving into details of the investment, we focused on the company’s inception, USP, and the importance of building partnerships.

Delivery: Published on RMS’ intranet hosted on Sharepoint.

See the entire piece.


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