How to Finish a Bachelor’s on the Cheap

An innovative organization, Nelnet has always looked for ways to capitalize on its core competencies to create new products, or find a way to reconfigure offerings from across its affiliates to bring existing services to new markets. The company’s education services branch offered test prep books and resources, essay editing services, career coaching and resume writing, and helped students with partial degrees enter a marketplace where colleges would compete for them with Smart Degree.

Client: Smart Degree, a Nelnet Enrollment Services company

Role: Client-facing writer/strategist

Strategy: Upon launch of Smart Degree, Nelnet wisely offered the service as a benefit to employees seeking to finish their education. The service utilized the company’s existing tuition reimbursement program, and personalized coaching helped associates meet their career goals with further education.

Delivery: Nelnet’s intranet, hosted on Sharepoint.

See the full piece.

smart degree


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