Models & Data News, Vol. 1

As internal communications lead at Risk Management Solutions, I was presented with a unique challenge: SMEs with deep domain expertise in both catastrophe modeling and the ability to translate that knowledge into comprehensive software for the insurance industry, but few established methods of getting that wealth of knowledge across global offices, business segments, and functional areas.

Role: Managing editor, project lead, and producer/designer of all included creative

Strategy: In addition to scheduled casual town halls with traveling execs, one way I tackled this information gap was through new functional communications that shared out internal success stories and drove transparency between teams.

While I hesitated to introduce a new push tactic to a company with a heavy email-culture, I knew we had to meet people where they were. Casual town halls, stand-up coffee chats, and lunch and learns presented similar information in a different format, so employees could take an information-serving from the dish they preferred.

The inaugural issue of this publication focused on the Models & Data business unit and included:

  • Intro video featuring VP Karen Clarke (see below!)
  • Message from Chief Modeling Officer
  • How Hurricane Harvey Changed How We Think About Flood, by Pete Dailey
  • TWIA Gets a Second Wind infographic
  • One-question quiz about above video – first 20 RMSers to answer correctly got a prize
  • Why Are Utility Companies Interested in RMS Models?, by Kevin Van Leer
  • Recon: The RMS Competitive Differentiator, featuring brief commentary from three RMS experts

Delivery: MailChimp to all employees at 1pm local time on a Thursday

Outcomes: This publication, as a brand-new tactic, helped play a part in my mission to score baseline metrics for RMS communications. The piece earned a 38% open rate and over 40 survey/quiz responses, with the video (naturally) earning top clicks.

See the piece. Video (below) password is glennaparks.




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