I’m curious, analytical, and am always striving to be a better writer, leader, and human. I’ve had the opportunity to do some pretty cool stuff during my career, like:

  • Write a roast
  • Build an app
  • Operate a locomotive
  • Direct C-suite executives
  • Hire and mentor
  • Receive junk mail I’ve written
  • Organize 100 years of newsprint — and enjoy it
  • Star in a video about alternative student loan repayment plans
  • Tour a cave to promote southern Missouri tourism
  • Tweak processes to remove bottlenecks and get work done faster
  • Push a Chief Risk Officer to drop the legalese and use plain-speak — and win
  • Stomp through 3′ of snow in Minot, ND to locate, interview, and promote the work of an underrepresented group of railcar mechanics
  • Audit 8 years worth of Sharepoint lists and libraries, get appalled that severely outdated HR policies were still being viewed and referenced, and archive hundreds of pages, documents, and images

Each of the accomplishments above started with a simple conversation. Let’s connect and start one of our own.

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